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Middle East Survey Engineering is one of the leading engineering surveying companies in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 2002, we have grown as a premier engineering company taking care of precise engineering surveying.

Middle East Survey Engineering emphasizes on innovation and excellence in the surveying services & serves the construction industry in UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and India. Reinforced by a team of seasoned professional surveyors and resourceful work force we cover many areas of surveying like topographic surveys, monitoring, tunnels, railways, hydrography, measured building surveys, utility surveys, GPR scanning, laser scanning, setting outs, BIM, and more.

At Middle East Survey Engineering, our focus is to get the best people and provide continuous training and career development for them, so that we can deliver superior value to our clients. The majority of our clients have been with us for a long time due to the quality of our work.

We constantly invest in the most up-to-date surveying equipment and technology that benefits our clients from both a risk and cost perspective. We are maintaining ISO 9001-2008 certification for the quality management system...


Topographic Survey
As one of the best surveying companies in United Arab Emirates, we produce the topographic survey data matching with international standard. We have a group of well qualified and experienced survey engineers specialized in collecting most accurate topographic survey data and our drafting engineers produces the survey drawings in 3D format.

We provide topographic mapping services that helps in route planning, thematic data preparation, and decision-making for telecom and transport services and disaster management. Our services include creating comprehensive topographic maps and 3D topographic maps to the specified projection parameters, including generating contours.

We are dedicated to complete the works with in the stipulated time without compromising the accuracy in the works. Our quality control team ensures the quality of all the data before delivering them to our clients.
Utility Surveys
MESE offers highly specialized utility detection services, asset mapping, and site investigation services with quality at affordable cost. We have a very professional team for conducting utility surveys and provide accurate reliable results. We use state-of-the-art underground cable locators and GPR that allow us to efficiently induce, detect and trace underground utilities before any subsurface work can be carried out. Our services are designed to provide the clients a level of information to plan their excavation and utilities
Hydrographic Survey
We have a dedicated hydrographic survey team specialized in large scale bathymetric surveys. The lineup of most advanced equipment supports our team to complete the projects irrespective of their sizes. We provide our Hydrographic survey services to maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, offshore oil exploration, offshore oil drilling, marine cabling and environmental projects. Currently we are providing our services in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and India.
Traffic Surveys
Middle East region witnesses tremendous growth in the volume of traffic flowing on its road networks over the past few years. Traffic volume study is the procedure aimed mainly at the determination of the volume of traffic moving on the roads, considering a particular section of the road over a particular period of time. Planning at all levels requires the actual understanding of the existing conditions. Middle East Survey Engineering has a team specialized in traffic surveys and analysis using the most advanced technology in the industry. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients, setting up, managing and delivering the best traffic data from road traffic surveys and Automatic Traffic Counts (ATCs) within timescale and budget.
Demarcation Surveys
Demarcation basically stands for setting or marking of boundaries or limits. Plot Demarcation services are opted usually for land development purposes and could be required by government agencies, developers, builders, engineers, contractors and so on. We are one of the foremost service providers of Demarcation Survey Services in UAE. Our team systematically provides these services with the highest level of accuracy using high specification survey equipment and the next generation’s survey technology.
Stock Pile Volumes
We are a specialist in stock pile volume surveys to measure the quantity of materials in the stock piles and calculating the cut/fill volumes in case of earth work volume calculations. We use a combination of GPS, Total Station and Laser scanners to measure the stockpiles in which the entire surface area is visible. We provide the accurate measurements of mineral stockpiles at ports, refineries, mine sites, manufacturing facilities including cement, glass and iron factories. The surveyed data ensures regulatory compliance and allows our clients to manage their stock and inventory. Our experts are able to measure and quantify dry bulk inventory stockpiles, such as coal and petroleum coke, iron pellets, minerals, aggregate products and any stock piled material.
3D Scanning
We provide a comprehensive data capture service using the latest 3D laser scanning and LiDAR technology to carry out point cloud surveys. This allows us to virtually map everything from large scale city models to very small industrial components.We produce point cloud data using 3D laser scanning technology for a range of services including As built modeling, clash detection, measured building surveys, scan to BIM for renovation and refurbishment of large scale buildings and conservation buildings, infrastructure assets including rail, roads, bridges, tunnels etc.
GIS is a computer system that allows users to map, model, query, and analyze large quantities of data within a database based on their location characteristics. GIS activity can be grouped into spatial and attribute data management, data display, data exploration, data analysis and GIS modeling. GIS can handle both spatial and attribute data, spatial data relate to the geometry of the features, while attribute data describes the characteristics of the different features stored in tabular form. An appealing feature of GIS is its ability to organize spatial and non-spatial data. Spatial data are used to represent models that possess physical dimensions as one of their major attributes.

We offer output for all types of survey works in GIS based map formats where the end user is offered the flexibility to dive into the making of the map and connected features, querying, modeling, analysis etc.